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My name is Mark Capozzola the CEO/Inventor of  The Brite Stuff.  I have been an avid drummer since 1967 and have

detailed cars since 1970.  In 1974 I opened the first auto detailing business in Westhampton New York. Which is also known as

the "Hamptons, Gold Coast"  located on the south shore of Long Island where the rich and famous come out to play during the

summer.  As of today I can say with certainty that I have personally detailed over 20,000 vehicles, most of which were exotic.

Back in the 70's and 80's paint was very difficult to manage and you had to have great experience to make sure not to damage

it with products or applications that would ruin the paint because it wasn't very forgiving and could end up costing a fortune in

 touch-ups or complete repainting.  Throughout the 50 and some odd years of perfecting my skills I managed to combine

 products and services to be considered an expert by most.

As any drummer who's been doing it for a while, I noticed that my cymbals just weren't crashing as prestine as they used to.

My drums' were riddled with fingerprints and stains.  When I went to the music stores I would only find a few products

available like "Johnson's Jay Wax" or "ZUD".  The "Johnsons Wax" gave it a nice shine provided I rubbed and rubbed but

 shortly after would start to look dull and lifeless again.  The "ZUD" was just terrible in that it made your hands black

and scratched the cymbals pretty badly.  I could only imagine what "Roadies" have to do to keep up their drums' appearance.

 So I started testing a bunch of different product and after years of combinating ingredients invented invented the best

product line that is sold today.  Our Cymbal Cleaner and Polish have been sold over 30 years.

















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We offer products that care for your Guitar, Drums, Band & Orchestra instruments, Piano, and Keyboard. Our premium quality mixture is found in every product from our  cymbal cleaner and polish to our Piano Polish and Protectant.   With our  experience and knowledge of  instrument we only use friendly ingredients to make sure your equipment is not damaged,  musicians and equipment technician use our product worldwide.